The perfect bae exist inbetween Baldwin and Shakur.<3 
Both my boos is published. lol 

The perfect bae exist inbetween Baldwin and Shakur.<3 

Both my boos is published. lol 

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Anonymous asked:

i have a question, im having an identity issue. im dominican. my friends always call me white or white girl because i have such pale skin (but i dont have white features... at least i dont think i do) and these comments bother me because im not white, im dominican. i only know my my moms side of the family and their all different and have different skin tones black, white, ect. i saw your post on being dominican and i wanted your opinion on whats my race.

Afro-Sunflower Answer:

Hey hey, 

If what your friends call you bothers you say something. I know it may seem like something small but for a long time I did not like being called black, not because I rejected my blackness but because I’m Dominican (I’ve come a ways from that) but its just what YOU would rather be called. You’re not white, you might not identify or reap the benefits of being white.  Its as simple as your Dominican, and would rather just be addressed as such. Speak to your friends, let them know that although its a small comment, it really makes you feel away because that is not who you are. 

As far as how you choose to identify, Dominicans essentially have 3 roots, Taino Indian, Spanish and Africa from what we know. Some people choose to identify with one and others with all its really all your choice. Your skin color does not make you more or less Dominican. My family from both sides is all shades from my abuela being like milk to my grandpa looking black as night. Identify how ever makes YOU feel good. I battle with it still sometimes but as long as you know your history, respect your cultures and are proud of being where you’re from you’ll be good. I might never settle with one identification but for now I’m a Dominican women who loves her African heritage as well as respect the spanish and taino parts also.  

I’m reading this book called 

Black Behind The Ears; Dominican Identity From Museums to Beauty Shops" — its an amazing book and has helped me on my quest.

I wish you the best in finding yourself, and remember that if you’re comfortable with what you choose that is all that matters. 


selfless love ( in a series of tweets)

I discovered the real essence of love when I caught myself telling the person I love to be with someone else.. 

Maybe there are degrees to love that I’ve yet been able to grasp but the most selfless kinda love chooses happiness over anything..

@ the root, if I truly love you I wanna see you happy, with or without me.. 

My love for you isn’t intensified through me. I love you as an individual and not as a missing part of me. I love your essence and you exist without me therefore I love you 

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In case y’all forget, Kings, we need you. #mcm #luvblacklove #blacklove #blackisbeautiful #love


In case y’all forget, Kings, we need you. #mcm #luvblacklove #blacklove #blackisbeautiful #love


So I got a muse,

he makes me wanna move, 

with him, 



is so damn